milk_shake Lifestyling Amazing

milk_shake Lifestyling Amazing

Say Hello to AMAZING the new humidity-proof technology for untreated  or colour treated hair. 

The latest addition to the milk_shake family is AMAZING

Organic ingredients including Apple, Lemon & Blueberries combined with state-of-the-art polymers that are activated and give structure with heat to create a waterproof film that covers the hair completely, sealing the cuticle. 

So what are the benefits to the hair? 

/ a protective layer forms that stops humidity from penetrating into the hair fibre

/ protects from the stress of heated tools

/ stops hair colour from fading

/ reduces drying time

/ improves manageability

/ hair is silky for days


''OH WOW!!! This products is going to be so popular with my clients! So many of us ladies battle frizzy and unruly hair that is affected by the weather and humidity. To have one AMAZING product that combats this and is really easy to use with so many benefits to the hair is fantastic. I've got lots of clients who have pre-ordered it!'' - Shelley Lane 

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