milk_shake AMAZING For Curls & Waves

AMAZING For Curls & Waves

Embrace your beauty being AMAZING!

Choose from beautifully defined curls or waves that last for days or incredible glossy, smooth locks thanks to the latest humidity proof AMAZING hero products that have been added to milk_shake's Lifestyling range!

Organic ingredients including apple, lemon and blueberries combine with state-of-the-art polymers that are activated to achieve simply AMAZING results.


Both these products are available as part of July & August's Special Promotions.


Lifestyling Amazing Curls & Waves 

An ultra-light  spray that supports  and defines curls as well as helping to create wavy styles with a memory effect, leaving hair weightless and with no residue. 

/ gives a natural, voluminous and light finish without weighing the hair down and leaving no residue.

/ eliminates frizz in curly hair

/ protects from humidity, the number one enemy for curls and waves

/ polishes the hair and enhances the hair colour's radiance

/ protects hair colour from fading with a sealing action 


Lifestyling Amazing 

Lifestyling AMAZING is an ultra light spray that gives structure with heat to create a waterproof film that covers the hair completely sealing the cuticle. 

/ a protective layer forms that stops humidity from penetrating into the hair fibre

/ protects from stress of heated tools

/ stops hair colour from fading 

/ reduces drying time

/ improves mangeability

/ hair is silky for days


'' AMAZING is everything it says on the labels and more! Two incredible products with many fantastic benefits that enable your clients to maintain fabulous, easy-to-manage Smooth or Curly hairstyles in between salon visits. The packaging, the results and the ease-of-use make AMAZING and AMAZING CURLS & WAVES an absolute game-changer.''

Josie Newman, milk_shake Education Manager

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