Rich in naturally derived ingredients, the new Rebuild Range is designed to restore the integrity of the hair fibre and its protein content, improving shine, combability, strength and elasticity. 

The range is formulated with organic and naturally derived ingredients to repair the hair and add incredible shine and softness to damaged hair. 

/ Organic Avacado Oil to take care of brittle  and lifeless hair to make it healthier and shinier

/ Phytokeratin a blend of plant derived hydrolysed proteins with similar proteins to Keratin to add softness and to make the hair more manageable

/ Extracts of brown and red algae to restore the KAPs within the hair cortex

/ Magnolia and ginger extracts protect the hair protein from oxidation, maintaining the hair structure

/ Pracaxi oil restructures and protects the outermost part of the hair


The treatment is made up of two steps that are applied after cleansing the hair with Pre-Treatment Shampoo. 


Step 1 Hair Filler Serum 

First phase of the REBUILD treatment. The Hair Filler Serum has a formula with a more basic PH than that of the hair, to facilitate the opening of the cuticle as well as being rich in ingredients that can deeply penetrate and repair the hair cortex from the inside. 


Step 2 Hair Cuticle Sealer

Second phase of the REBUILD treatment. The Hair Cuticle Sealer performs a conditioning action, to close and smooth the hair cuticles. Its acidic PH formula, to be applied after rinsing the serum, contains ingredients that can protect the external cuticle, sealing the nourishment previously provided inside the hair and improving its shine. 


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