Infuse My. Colour

infuse My. colour was founded in 2016 by hair colourists Rob Forgione and Denis Kovalyov specifically for clients that were frustrated with colour fade and lacklustre pastel blondes. infuse My. colour is a range of professional colour enhancing and custom blended shampoos and conditioners created by colourists for colourists.

Rob and Denis’ careers span many decades. Having worked globally with premium hair care brands in markets reaching from Europe, USA, Australia, & Russia, they have brought their wealth of knowledge and passion to infuse My. colour.

infuse My. colour is 100% vegan and PETA approved and all of its products are free from parabens, sulfates and silicones. The brand is passionate about creating hair care that is unique and current that delivers results, without compromising on sustainability or ethics.

infuse My. colour has already gained cult status among beauty editors and hair stylists worldwide and it is the ultimate salon retail opportunity.